Bichons are truly a special breed of dog. They have a great deal of love and affection to share with anyone who is interested. Of course most dogs do but the Bichons seem to see it as their job or privilege to dote on "their humans". There is a reason we call them the ultimate companion dog! Our Bichons are raised in beautiful Northwest Montana. We invite you to come and visit; get to know us, our dogs and enjoy the scenery along the way. If you have any questions feel free to contact Susan at (406) 291-7723.

"We really appreciate the way you are running your program.  Your love and care for all the dogs - adult as well as pups - is very obvious.  The kennels couldn't be cleaner ... I wish for as much cleanliness at my house!  The importance you place on the socialization of all your dogs really stands out in their loving and trusting personalities.  Feel free to post this comment on your website." -Tom and Faye Sauerbrun (Idaho Falls)